Friday, February 10, 2012

New Red!!

I don't have a plan for this post but I haven't posted in a while and I feel like this blog is becoming that old pair of shoes or band tee that people have but you keep it anyways because of if you ever decide to use in that certain day. When I first started this blog I wanted it to become a style blog and I haven't really done anything showing my own personal style or anything of the sort. My blogs a few months away from becoming a year old and I think I'm going to change it. 
The Girl with the Red Book Cover will now be about  personal style and of what I observe in life and at school.  Also I will give updates on what book I'm reading, what i rate it and an outfit that best fits it. Also I'm one of those people who get bored with life and how I things are the same but at the same time I like my routine to be the same. I don't know I'm confusing. 

Changes for myself.
I really like short hair but my grandmother would kill me if I got a pixie cut. She likes long hair. Also I'm scared I'd look like a guy and that I'd look bad. I also think it would be a good thing for me though because I constantly find myself hiding behind my hair. Whenever somethings wrong mentally or physically there's me with my hair in my face.

Maybe I should have a Holly Golightly attitude. She so go with the flow type of person. Yes, I think my modo will me W.W.H.D.?  What would Holly do? That would be good for me.

Friday, December 30, 2011

Passing Sad, Getting to Happy

For the past couple of weeks I haven't felt like myself. I've felt sad and almost depressed even though I don't show it.  Now this isn't going to be an "Ohh! poor me!" type of post. I just have to state that, though life has been ok for me and I mean hey, I got everything I wanted for Christmas and I got 2 weeks off of school, but this started before school and it's not really something someone else can "fix". This is a rode that I have to take solo, (but I hope it ends someplace good like the Emerald City) like most things I've been trying to overcome. And even though people try it only brings me happiness for that time being I go into a down fall and feel bad again.
Unknown. Tumblr.

Getting myself out of a Harold mood before he met Maude. But don't worry I don't mean suicidal or  even fake suicide.

Unknown. Found on tumblr.

Getting an education of life. From An Education.

Pretty in Pink

Now I have to kind of thank Bridesmaids for my realization of what I need to do. Because if you've seen Bridesmaids you remember when Megan is talking about her life as a kid and all the crap that's happened to her and how she over came it and she's basically happy with her life and she didn't sit around and pout. I think what I'm going to do is pull myself away from unhappy and unpleasant things. Fill my life or "world" with only happy things that can help me enjoy what I have and cherish it and accept it. And not care about how people see me and like me because when you like yourself people will like you. So with that I LOVE pictures so above you saw some not as happy pictures and just things that kind of show how I feel and below are things that are what I WILL feel like.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Im Your Auntie Mame!!!!


A movie I only see once a year is Auntie Mame. It's not traditionally a Christmas movie but my mom feels it's special when its only able to be watched when it's Christmas time. I know that only about 10 minutes of the movie involves Christmas but growing up thats what I consider it to fall under the genre of.  This is one of my favorite movies. Rosalind Russell is so glamourous. I love everything about Auntie Mame. Her Madonna like hair do's, her wardrobe, her fairs in her constantly changing apartment and of course her love for life. LIVE! LIVE! LIVE!!!! Life is a banquet and most poor suckers are starving to death!!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Sweater Weather!!!

It's December!!! Yep I just feel like yelling that at people to show them that how excited I am about it. But most people probably wouldn't respond because they all have calenders and don't like people yelling in their faces. Whatever. Anyways since my life has mostly involved shopping which i don't mind one little bit it's been all Christmas gifts. I wish I was Jewish and Catholic so then I could celebrate even more like some of my friends but nope I celebrate one holiday like most people. Hmm... so this is what it feels like to be like everyone else. My family and I are really into Christmas we've been listening to Christmas music since it started which was one week before thanksgiving. Weirdly I haven't gotten sick of it yet I just know all the lyrics to every song, gee I wonder why. The house, the car, the mall. Before school, after school, before the morning announcements and on the weekends. But I'm not complaining. Also almost all the movies I've been watching are Christmas ones.  So a long rant (or jolly story of my Christmas life) shortened I love Christmas! I love it so much I risked my life putting up Christmas lights this weekend getting stuck on the roof behind a blow up Santa in a convertible car!!

Since it's winter or almost "officially" winter, I don't listen to the calender its rude always slowing/ speeding days up. Grr!! It's cold. I bet I just taught you something very new. Anyways I like coats and sweaters. Especially ugly Christmas sweaters!! There warm and soft or sometimes fuzzy or itchy and can either make you look old and crazy or "hip" and "cool." So let's all open our sweater drawers or closets. And let the warmth begin!!

I really love my Cliff Huxtable, Millie, Harry Soloman, Kevin Macalister sweaters I have. Also just random vintage. Or Rory Gilmore-ish sweaters.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

90's Mall Rat

My style lately has been really inspired by the 90's. I've been going for 90's mall rat or Angela Chase. On halloween when i changed out of my witch costume i was wearing my moms old maternity sweater with a skirt with leggings and boots with polka dot knee highs with boots. Also a very cute dark purple hat and a flannel. It was a lot cuter than it sounds. I'd post a picture but Lane from  The Crazy Young Cat Ladies scared me by telling me about all those psycho killers who look for their next victims over the computer. uhh it gives me chills and causes me to look under beds and only turn my back to a wall and close the curtains.  Thanks Lane.. :(  So sorry I don't have a photo. Does anyone know how to edit photos so i could put like a cool shape or picture or something in front of my face?Like this:

 If you do please tell me. But enjoy these photos of some 90's inspirations of mine while I check my closet.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Sorry.. :(

I haven't been blogging much lately,sorry! I've been swamped with school and all my free time goes into sleeping, eating and spending time with loved ones. Also I've been helping my friends Lane and Ella with their new blog The Crazy Young Cat Ladies. It's great! Read it! Anyway here are some of the things that are related to how I've been spending my time! Here's an update!

So as you can see I've been doing what Clarissa Explains: Sleeping, pizza, and shopping! Also homework/studying like a maniac or like Paris. Also watching TV. My family just got  a netflix! haha we're so modern now! Maybe we'll finally get a microwave and dump that wood burning oven. Just kidding. We don't need a microwave! "Lol" Uhh I hate it when people say that. It's like "I doubt this tiny thing I said that's sort of funny is making you laugh out loud." Its the same thing with lmfao. It's stupid... Anyway I've been watching a lot and I mean a lot of Roseanne with Ella. I love Darlene! She's great. plus their family is probably the most relatable family that was ever on TV. But it also approaches things in a really funny way! I mean there wasn't a thing they didn't do a story on. From first times to Disney World! It's awesome. Back to me explaining I've also been doing a lot of laying around. Also some reading, and then some watching Pushing Daisies. And making pie. I actually made dinner the other night! And lastly eating. I've been eating so much. I think I'm growing again. I mean I eat and then I'm hungry an hour later. I mean I just had dinner and It made my stomach hurt, I had to keep running to the powder room. Lovely, right? And now I'm hungry... AGAIN!! Geeze doing all this and going to school and keeping my grades up I'm, I'm... I'm like.....