Monday, June 6, 2011

Make Em' Laugh!

I've suddenly noticed how people in comedy can have such style but even though some may be ridiculous choices think of all the styles similar to them. Most of the fashion choices I choose come from John Hughes films because well..... he did so many (may he rest in peace.) But even older shows like I love Lucy and Lavern and Shirley have such fun clothes. I think I'll sew a giant I on all my clothes just like Lavern (Note that of course Lavern didn't put an I she put a L) I'll send photos of my I marked clothes. Oh! I'll wear my I  top with a big polka dotted shirt like Lucy and i'll have some puffy socks or something ( Sienfeld) and sholder pads ( golden girls)  and a fun 80's hat ( sixteen candles.) Yay! I have a new project and I have a new necklace I got that has Duckie on it and I'll get my hair cut like Jane from Daria. I'll look wild! I'm excited now I don't know how I'll be able to sleep tonight.

Truly the girl who will have bags under her eyes tomorrow,
Illa L.
 Funny Girl
 Golden Girls
 Sixteen Candles
 I love Lucy
 Ferris Bueller
 Lavern and Shirley

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