Saturday, July 16, 2011

Lunch Boxes and Lockers and Kids Oh My!!

I know you probably think I'm insane for having a post about school in July but remember I'm not the only one. Stores, magazines, and hmm.... I'm loosing my train of thought. I can't think of a third thing that is coming out with school stuff. Well I'll just leave that space after the and blank and you can use your imagination to fill in the blank. Anyway back to the topic before I fall asleep at the computer. So school, for some people its just a place your suppose to be until your no longer a minor or for others its an awesome place. I am neither of these people. Now don't get me wrong I like school, I'm good in school. It's just the socially awkwardness of it. Im changing schools this year because I;m going on to that next step I apparently am to old for the school so they send you out and you have to start over which most people fear but I actually like it. I like going into a place with no identity and you can make that identity whatever you wish. the bad part is if your someone like me who doesn't like to just have one identity (which is usually based of of your appearance) the "herd" will choose what clique you fall in with. It's sad that schools have cliques. You'd think that something that cliche would be just pretend or made up like a unicorn or a mermaid or something. I'm starting to ramble so the point of this blog is that I've decided to go against the system! I know in some schools I can be a death wish. Your probably thinking, saying or singing (sorry i've been watching way to much glee)  " This won't work out. She won't be able to pull of no identity. How is she going to do/try to go against the system?" You see I'm not going to not take up an identity. I'm going to have many. And I'm not talking about a split personality or anything of that sort. I'm going to be me! But I'm going to be a kind of preppy one day, then sorta Janis Joplin boho (not new Bohemian) the next day  then punk (more Debbie Harry than Nancy and Sid) then just y own kind of chic style with of course a dash of vintage. I promise to post pictures of my clothes. So all i can say is enjoy the summer as much as you can until school gets here.

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