Monday, October 3, 2011

My Opinion on the Toms Issue

Toms have taken over the foot world in my opinion. You walk down the streets you see al least 3 people wearing them. When I first saw them a girl from school told me about them and wore them to school last year. When I saw them I thought they were very average looking. But then more people started wearing them and more people started wearing them until everyone( except me and maybe a few other people didn't have them) I got so use to seeing them that I didn't really feel they were average looking anymore I felt they were just shoes. And so after seeing everyone with a pair of Toms I wanted to know what all of the hulla bulloo was about and so I went to the store to look at them. I mean "they were for a good cause", "Maybe there not so average after all" then I saw them and looked at the tag. $50!!!! or some were $75!!!
Also I'd like to state that they were very flimsy and would probably fall apart. Now that I think about it they were also nock offs ....I think. But anyway I'd just rather donate that much and buy my own better looking shoes that aren't average and that aren't flimsy and common. Here's something Isabel from her blog Hipster Musings? said about them and I think she sums them up the best. Check it out:

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  1. Ow wow, these shoes. I don't like them much either- believe me- they DO fall off. I have a pair my Mum made when she was 18 so that doesn't count as having bought any, right? ;) They look like you've bandaged your feet in sail cloth.