Friday, October 28, 2011

Sorry.. :(

I haven't been blogging much lately,sorry! I've been swamped with school and all my free time goes into sleeping, eating and spending time with loved ones. Also I've been helping my friends Lane and Ella with their new blog The Crazy Young Cat Ladies. It's great! Read it! Anyway here are some of the things that are related to how I've been spending my time! Here's an update!

So as you can see I've been doing what Clarissa Explains: Sleeping, pizza, and shopping! Also homework/studying like a maniac or like Paris. Also watching TV. My family just got  a netflix! haha we're so modern now! Maybe we'll finally get a microwave and dump that wood burning oven. Just kidding. We don't need a microwave! "Lol" Uhh I hate it when people say that. It's like "I doubt this tiny thing I said that's sort of funny is making you laugh out loud." Its the same thing with lmfao. It's stupid... Anyway I've been watching a lot and I mean a lot of Roseanne with Ella. I love Darlene! She's great. plus their family is probably the most relatable family that was ever on TV. But it also approaches things in a really funny way! I mean there wasn't a thing they didn't do a story on. From first times to Disney World! It's awesome. Back to me explaining I've also been doing a lot of laying around. Also some reading, and then some watching Pushing Daisies. And making pie. I actually made dinner the other night! And lastly eating. I've been eating so much. I think I'm growing again. I mean I eat and then I'm hungry an hour later. I mean I just had dinner and It made my stomach hurt, I had to keep running to the powder room. Lovely, right? And now I'm hungry... AGAIN!! Geeze doing all this and going to school and keeping my grades up I'm, I'm... I'm like.....


  1. My life is like this as well, reading, writing, studying and hanging with friends.......I guess you love reading books, don't you?? It would be nice if we followed each other:)

  2. That would be great! Also thank you for commenting! It makes me feel like I actually have readers.