Saturday, November 12, 2011

90's Mall Rat

My style lately has been really inspired by the 90's. I've been going for 90's mall rat or Angela Chase. On halloween when i changed out of my witch costume i was wearing my moms old maternity sweater with a skirt with leggings and boots with polka dot knee highs with boots. Also a very cute dark purple hat and a flannel. It was a lot cuter than it sounds. I'd post a picture but Lane from  The Crazy Young Cat Ladies scared me by telling me about all those psycho killers who look for their next victims over the computer. uhh it gives me chills and causes me to look under beds and only turn my back to a wall and close the curtains.  Thanks Lane.. :(  So sorry I don't have a photo. Does anyone know how to edit photos so i could put like a cool shape or picture or something in front of my face?Like this:

 If you do please tell me. But enjoy these photos of some 90's inspirations of mine while I check my closet.


  1. If you use a PC just open your photo in paint (woops had to correct that from 'pain') and draw or scribble over your face. I'm kinda freaked about being cyber-stalked but I'm just a nameless face, with no more specific a place than England. But that's mostly because I was too lazy to always scribble over my face.