Friday, December 30, 2011

Passing Sad, Getting to Happy

For the past couple of weeks I haven't felt like myself. I've felt sad and almost depressed even though I don't show it.  Now this isn't going to be an "Ohh! poor me!" type of post. I just have to state that, though life has been ok for me and I mean hey, I got everything I wanted for Christmas and I got 2 weeks off of school, but this started before school and it's not really something someone else can "fix". This is a rode that I have to take solo, (but I hope it ends someplace good like the Emerald City) like most things I've been trying to overcome. And even though people try it only brings me happiness for that time being I go into a down fall and feel bad again.
Unknown. Tumblr.

Getting myself out of a Harold mood before he met Maude. But don't worry I don't mean suicidal or  even fake suicide.

Unknown. Found on tumblr.

Getting an education of life. From An Education.

Pretty in Pink

Now I have to kind of thank Bridesmaids for my realization of what I need to do. Because if you've seen Bridesmaids you remember when Megan is talking about her life as a kid and all the crap that's happened to her and how she over came it and she's basically happy with her life and she didn't sit around and pout. I think what I'm going to do is pull myself away from unhappy and unpleasant things. Fill my life or "world" with only happy things that can help me enjoy what I have and cherish it and accept it. And not care about how people see me and like me because when you like yourself people will like you. So with that I LOVE pictures so above you saw some not as happy pictures and just things that kind of show how I feel and below are things that are what I WILL feel like.

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