Monday, December 12, 2011

Sweater Weather!!!

It's December!!! Yep I just feel like yelling that at people to show them that how excited I am about it. But most people probably wouldn't respond because they all have calenders and don't like people yelling in their faces. Whatever. Anyways since my life has mostly involved shopping which i don't mind one little bit it's been all Christmas gifts. I wish I was Jewish and Catholic so then I could celebrate even more like some of my friends but nope I celebrate one holiday like most people. Hmm... so this is what it feels like to be like everyone else. My family and I are really into Christmas we've been listening to Christmas music since it started which was one week before thanksgiving. Weirdly I haven't gotten sick of it yet I just know all the lyrics to every song, gee I wonder why. The house, the car, the mall. Before school, after school, before the morning announcements and on the weekends. But I'm not complaining. Also almost all the movies I've been watching are Christmas ones.  So a long rant (or jolly story of my Christmas life) shortened I love Christmas! I love it so much I risked my life putting up Christmas lights this weekend getting stuck on the roof behind a blow up Santa in a convertible car!!

Since it's winter or almost "officially" winter, I don't listen to the calender its rude always slowing/ speeding days up. Grr!! It's cold. I bet I just taught you something very new. Anyways I like coats and sweaters. Especially ugly Christmas sweaters!! There warm and soft or sometimes fuzzy or itchy and can either make you look old and crazy or "hip" and "cool." So let's all open our sweater drawers or closets. And let the warmth begin!!

I really love my Cliff Huxtable, Millie, Harry Soloman, Kevin Macalister sweaters I have. Also just random vintage. Or Rory Gilmore-ish sweaters.

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