Monday, May 16, 2011

My Favorites

I wanted to post photos of some of my favorite clothing pieces but the photo upload thingy takes to long and I don't have very much patients right now. I don't know why I guess I've been listening to much Elvis Costello. He seems to always put me in a dreary mood, but I still like his music. But anyway I just tell you about my pieces: I have a floral vest that I got for $1 at a flea market. I also have a jean vest that was my moms and an old Ramones tee that I cut the sleeves off of and it's a tank top now. Also a black top hat that I ordered from one of my mom's catalogs. Plus a butt load of pins I have over 70 I lost count though and I've actually started making my own pins and hair clips. I have a jane pin and a Daria clip and I have a Duckie pin. I love Duckie I must admit he's just so.... cool in a complete dorky way. I must say when I first saw Pretty in Pink i thought Andy should have been with him I mean how can you not love him after he dances in the record store. But anyway back to the topic, I'll post the photos soon enough, like when my computer doesn't seem to be running slow. Some random favorites of mine: I love robots, bows, mustaches( but not on people. I have 4 mustache necklaces that I love by the way) and white lace. Oh and cameras! I'm a photographer but not officially. Back to my weird life, until next time,


Illa L.

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