Sunday, May 15, 2011


Isn't it amazing how if you try to be a little different everyone notices. And when I say amazing you have to know I'm saying it with buckets of sarcasm and wearing my best Daria face ( which I've gotten pretty good at because I spent the whole weekend watching a marathon of the show.) But anyway when I try to change up the usual boring day-to-day day wear all hell breaks loose. I mean girls whisper, heads turn and all this because of one little thing... like: I wear Sattle shoes ( by the way I love!) or a crazy hair clip. I know this sounds small but if I wore my weekend outfits to school I swear some one would have an episode or something along the lines of a stroke because their little hearts I guess just cant handle big skirts and crazy tights with a hat or an outfit like that. So I have to subside to the everyday jeans, converse, and a t-shirt. But I get away with an old 70's or 80's band tee and a jean vest with pins of bands they've never heard of. I guess I should give some of them credit I did ketch a girl wearing a Blonde shirt and when I commented on it she gave me a confused look and let out a "What??" and I smiled and said never mind and walked away. UHH!!! Whatever..... I'll find more old souls one day. I'm so lucky to have a friend who understands me though.  Without her and my awesome ( as close to a Lorelai Gilmore as I can get) mother I don't know who I could talk to. After reading this I realize how anti person I sound I actually have tons of friends who don't know who I'm talking about but I'm teaching them slowly an they're actually really great and my class mates too. But I can't help but laugh when my awesome teachers crack an old SNL , Seinfield, or Ferris Bueller joke and no what but me and maybe one or two other kids are getting it. Anyway I must return to my t-shirt and jeans life until next time.


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