Monday, September 5, 2011

Back to School with the Fools!

Labor Day. It's probably the only holiday I dread but I'm thankful for it too. I hate that it's like an annoying voice saying "Schools coming! Schools coming! Summers ending! NA NA NA NA NA!!!!!!" Okay it's not that obnoxious and I bet a lot of people don't have a voice that sounds like an evil clown in there heads but still you get my point. Im also thankful for it too. Because if your gonna end something like summer you might as well do it in style.. and come on what's more stylish than a holiday.

An old photo I found on Tavi's tumblr page.

Freaks and Geeks


Heathers as you can see.

My So Called Life

Gilmore Girls
Pretty in Pink
The Breakfast Club
For the past couple of weeks when I wasn't busy going on vacation and picturing what my first day of a new school with the big kids would be like I was watching (more like studying) movies and tv shows all about school and finding who you are or what you think the real you would... like.. be like. So for Labor Day I watched My So Called Life the whole day. But even further back I watched Daria, Gilmore Girls, Freaks and Geeks, Heathers and John Hughes films. And I've decided I'm a misfit. Actually I've known since I was in like kindergarden. I seem to fit in better with people who aren't like the usual crowd. But at this new school what I know about it and what I've seen people seem to all try to be the same. I hope I can find some misfit friends but if people run away because they think I'm weird I just have to remember all the people on these shows I love. Rory didn't make friends her first day at Chilton. She read and listened to her walk man while she ate lunch alone and it didn't bother her. She had friends back at home. Daria read and kept to herself at her other schools and who knows maybe I'll meet a Jane. Angela decided she didn't want to run with the pack and changed and she made friends with Rayanne and Rickie. I could go on forever and I think I got my point across. I should just be myself and, screw all the other people who are scared to be different. Weirdos and Freaks UNITE!! hahaha...

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