Tuesday, September 6, 2011

First Days...

I can tell you that as far as first days go things could be worse. No I'm just joking it could be a lot worse I believe this is a point where most normal teenagers would signify they made a joke by typing lol or jk. I'm very tired because I didn't sleep very good the other night ( too excited or worried I can't seem to tell those two emotions apart) and I had to wake up at 6:30 because the lazy days of summer are gone. :( No more sleeping in till 10:00 and then staying in my pajamas till noon and doing well.... whatever I did this summer. Anyway,

  • Woke up. In a Daria mood. Check!

  • Danced around my room listening to Blister in the Sun like Angela in My so Called Life. Check!

  • Took a shower got ready, had a total Cher (Clueless) moment because my original outfit for my first day just wouldn't do. Check!

  • Went to school got lost. Check!
  • The awkward talking to people you don't know (or don't want to talk to) and don't know what to say..

  • And then after about 6-7 hours and 6 class periods school was over. And now the awkward first day is over!
Oh I almost forgot!
  • Went to Target and bought a kitty cat headband that I plan to wear everyday for the next year! Or just when I'm fighting crime with Batman and Robin. Oh and who could forget Batgirl.

The End of my day! Good night!

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